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                         Meiji Coins the passport to the future of finance


  Meiji is available 
     in the market

meiji coins       (MEIJ)
Meiji Coins Price: 0,000000
24h DEX Volume: $ 0,000000
Wallet Creted Coins 

meiji cash        (MEIJC)
Meiji Cash Price: 0,000000
24h DEX Volume: $ 0,000000
Wallet Creted: 200.000.000 Coins 

meiji black      (MEIJB)
Meiji Black Price: 0,000000
24h DEX Volume: $ 0,000000
Wallet Creted: 100.000.000 Coins 

meiji gold        (MEIJG)
Meiji Gold Price: 0,000000
24h DEX Volume: $ 0,000000
Wallet Creted: 23.000.000 Coins

meiji diamont  (MEIJD)
Meiji Diamont Price: 0,000000
24h DEX Volume: $ 0,000000
Wallet Creted: 7.000.000 Coins                                                                                    

                                                                            Not forwarded


Enter the future of finance Encourage individuals, investors and programmers to join the revolution.

The Meiji Coins just like Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology, initially created within the Waves database it operates without central authority or banks; The management of transactions are carried out collectively by the network.

Virtual currency in honor of Emperor Meiji of Japan (1834-1907), who in his time restored pride to the Japanese through the industrial and banking revolution that allowed Japan to play its prominent role in the Pacific and become a world power to this day.

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"Blockchain eliminates a significant amount of system inefficiency and reduces costs" .... "In the world's first commercial transaction with Bitcoin, today the equivalent of US $ 100 million was paid for a pizza of US $ 25 | MeijiCoins uses the same Bitcoins technology through the Waves platform "

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